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Different elements to use for an exhibition stand design

exhibition stand design

When planning to attend an exhibition, one of the most important aspects is to design an eye-catching exhibition stand that will attract visitors’ attention and leave a lasting impression. In this article, we’ll give you tips on how to design a successful trade fair stand that attracts visitors, generates leads, and ultimately increases sales.

Set goals

Before you start planning:

  1. Determine your goals.
  2. Think about what you want to achieve and what message you want to convey with your stand. You can have a good exhibition stand design that doesn’t convey your company’s values ​​or clearly express the capabilities of your product or service; you’ve wasted your time.
  3. Always keep your goals in mind throughout the design process, and you will keep track.

Add a stunning and impressive entrance.

The design of the exhibition stand reflects the personality of your brand or organization. By setting up exhibition stands, you can attract more visitors and make your image the protagonist. An important aspect of designing a trade fair stand is to make the entrance to the stand impressive. With an eye-catching entrance to your trade fair stand, visitors will invariably be attracted to your stand. Use an illuminated exhibition stand at the entrance, which increases the attractiveness of the entire exhibition stand.

Think clearly about the text

A good copywriter will help you write concise and compelling slogans for your brand that are strategically inserted into the display graphics. If possible, try to use humorous references to your brand. This is sure to draw the audience’s attention to your stand. Other creative ideas for text on your stand include changing the font size to improve depth perception and the overall look of your stand. When dealing with texts, the principle “less is more” should be observed. It’s not a good idea to post your company’s bio on your dashboard. Write down your bio when contacting your sales team. Instead, use jingles or slogans, and keep the text concise and relevant to your position.

Leverage Technology

Incorporating technology into your exhibition stand design can make it more engaging and interactive.


Exhibiting is all about generating quality leads. Smaller stands give an excellent opportunity to interact with everyone who visits them. They’re a perfect place for intimate conversations and private product demos. In addition, group demonstrations save time and enable simultaneous communication with a large group of people. However, they could be more effective. Only some people will contact you afterwards to discuss your product in detail. A smaller audience allows for a more intimate discussion.

Guarantee quality branding

Presenting your brand at exhibitions is an essential tool. Branding plays a vital role in your exhibition space, and your exhibition design should reflect this.

Make a solid first impression

First impressions are crucial. Therefore, make your stand visually impressive and memorable. Use bold colours, large graphics, and clear messages to grab your attendees’ attention.

Make the most of your space

Whether you have a large, medium, or small exhibition stand, making effective use of your exhibition space can help you stand out from the crowd. Good use of exhibition space provides enough space for visitors to gather and speakers to conduct seminars. If your showroom is designed and manufactured with medium or small exhibition stands, it is unthinkable to clutter the room with extra exhibits. Ensure to make effective use of the exhibition space to create a valuable experience for exhibition visitors.

Create a custom display

This is one of the essential tips for designing exhibition displays. If you have the budget, we highly recommend creating a custom display to showcase your hero products. Displaying your favourite products can be one of the primary purposes of an exhibition. So why not invest in something that will maximize your product’s appeal? Special features may include integrated LED lighting. You can also design your display around the shape of your product to emphasize that shape or add mechanical components to really emphasize how your product works. Product presentations can be customized to your products, and unique displays are more likely to attract high-value customers to your stand.

Refrain from following trends; find what’s relevant.

Thinking outside the box is sometimes the best idea. As the saying goes, “The latest isn’t the best.” If you are looking for ideas to make the design of your stand unique, it may make sense to choose the latest developments. Instead, implement ideas that are relevant to your marketing approach. This makes the stand design stand out to your core audience. Feel free to brainstorm ideas. However, choose how to implement your ideas.

In summary, creating an eye-catching exhibition stand design takes time, effort, and creativity. By following these tips, you can create a stand that attracts visitors, generates leads, and ultimately increases sales. Plan, make a solid first impression, use technology, showcase your product, offer something different, keep it simple, use lighting, engage with attendees, and follow up with prospects.

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