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Connect with attendees at exhibitions in 5 simple steps

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So how do you make a good first impression that will connect with attendees and get them to spend the time to stop at your stand and talk to you? I say you should connect with professional exhibition stand designers, exhibition stand companies, exhibition stand builders, and many more. 

They are the experts in their respective fields when it comes to creating exhibition stand design innovative and smart to boost your exposure. But that might not be enough, you should invest your own efforts to make the most out of your exhibition show. Therefore, here are some of the ways you can implement to augment the looks and visibility of your exhibition stands and booths.     

Here are 5 Simple Steps to follow

The 6 seconds that will form the attendees’ first impression start from the moment they see your stand.

Create a Visual Representation

Visuals are always noticed first, so you will need to find a strong visual representation of your business and the benefits you offer your customers.

Make sure it is big, bright & bold.

For Example:

  • Picture of someone using your product.
  • A life-size image of a “typical” customer.
  • A graphic representation of your service.

Choosing a Strong, Concise Message

Before you choose a message try to think about your product or service from your customer’s point of view.

  • What problem do you solve for people?
  • How do you solve it?
  • Why is it important that they get that problem solved?

Now condense this information down into a simple message, try to keep to just one key message so that you don’t confuse attendees.

  • What one question could you ask that would identify someone as a prospect?
  • Is there a simple statement that people could identify with to figure out if they could use you?
  • Perhaps it is a statistic that would intrigue people enough to want them to ask more.

Now you have your key message (a statement, question or tagline) use it alongside your key visual. Again, make it bold and easy to read, if it comes from a customer testimonial put it in quotes next to a picture of someone who looks like a customer. Make sure it is the next thing they see after the image that attracts them to you.

Utilize the Right Display Equipment

  • Utilizing the right type of display equipment can be the difference between attendees stopping to speak to you and attendees walking straight past you.
  • Different display solutions will be required for different size stands, but here are a few general pointers.
  • Make sure your equipment is in good condition (If your display equipment is falling apart, damaged or not properly set up attendees may think that as a company you don’t invest in yourselves or represent quality).
  • Choose equipment that will provide you with a large area to display your visual & image.
  • Utilize your height allowances so that you stand gets better visibility from afar.

Manning the Exhibition Stand

So what is the final piece of the puzzle that ties it all together? It’s you, or more accurately the people who are manning your stand.

  • Staff must always appear approachable (not sat with their arms crossed or focused on their phone/laptop).
  • Don’t wait too long to greet attendees, remember 6 seconds is all they will give you initially, but equally don’t jump out in people’s faces.
  • Have a great opening line crafted (perhaps even 2 or 3) that gives you the opportunity to ask a few simple qualification questions

Choose a reliable exhibition design company

There are plenty of exhibition stand design companies available in the market. Whether you are exhibiting in USA, Germany or any other country, you can easily find these companies online. Just search them online by using the keywords:

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  • Exhibition Stand Builders
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  • Exhibition stand builders Las Vegas  

The key components to creating a good first impression & connecting with attendees are:

  • A bold visual hook that represents your product/service.
  • Choose a strong (short) key message.
  • Using the right display equipment.
  • Approachable, friendly staff manning the stand.

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