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A comprehensive solution for the first-time exhibitor

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Attending an exhibition is a great way to promote your business and get instant customer feedback. Exhibitions often represent a significant investment for companies, but they can provide numerous benefits that pay off. Whether you plan to network, increase brand awareness, conduct research, or sell locally and generate leads, exhibitions are a great place to start. Direct marketing is one of the most potent and effective marketing tools, and an exhibition is one of the few platforms that allows companies to interact with potential customers personally. The number of exhibitions organized annually can be thousands or even more. And as a top exhibition stand builder, we have provided some tips for first-time exhibitors.

Must-follow tips for first-time exhibitors

Visiting an exhibition for the first time can be pretty intimidating. That’s why we’ve put together our top tips to make your first exhibition less stressful.

Watch a suitable show

For a new exhibitor, choosing the right trade fair is crucial. Some exhibitions are designed for companies of all sizes; others are more suitable for small or large companies. Some programs are consumer-focused, meaning you have direct contact with your target customers. Business-to-business courses allow you to network with industry peers and learn about industry developments.

Setting a goal is a must

Are you wondering how you can be successful as an exhibitor? If so, decide what to participate in before planning an exhibition. It can be anything: generating leads, building a network, increasing sales. Determine whether the program you choose is suitable for your goal. If you need to know why you are exhibiting, the design of your exhibition alone will lead to success. Such as:

  • Are you launching a new product or service?
  • Are you thinking about expanding your geographical reach?
  • Or perhaps you would like to reconnect with current and potential customers?

Whatever the purpose of your exhibition, make sure it is presented to your target audience through the design of your exhibition stand.

Review budgets for actual expenditures

Review your company’s financial documents from the previous year. You can report expenses for each exhibition you attended during the calendar year.
Comparing these costs to your marketing budget allows you to:

  • Ensure that each exhibition’s return on investment (ROI) is accurate.
  • Review your spending and find inefficiencies.
  • See where you’re spending your money and plan the best ways to save money or increase the value of your exhibition marketing.
  • Decide whether to exhibit next year’s schedule.
  • Additionally, you can determine if your future budget is correct and sufficient.


Determining the size of the stand you need cannot be overstated. If you reserve your stand at an exhibition too late, your size will be reduced. Please book early to secure the size of stand you need. Set timescales and create a Gantt chart where everyone can monitor progress and indications of task completion. Tasks include:

  • Choosing a trade fair or exhibition.
  • Reserving space.
  • Researching design and stand styles.
  • Selecting a company to build the stand.

Finally, consider the promotional materials you’ll need for your exhibition, such as gift bags, giveaways, brochures, and business cards.

Talk to other exhibitors

The organizer provides standard stands. Additionally, there is also a fully customized cabin. Find the opportunity to have in-depth conversations with these exhibitors, find out why they chose this path, and see if it could benefit your stand. What works for them, and what doesn’t? You’re probably facing the same question yourself. It will help you clarify what to prioritize in your position.

Make sure your stand is attractive

You may have successfully designed your stand or a wonderfully creative brochure, but you still need to have the best showcase team. Remember, these are the first impressions of your company to attendees. Ensure that dedicated stand staff can communicate appropriately with visitors. Train these employees well so they know almost everything about your company, goals, and products.


We are happy to set up an exhibition stand and present your products at the exhibition. The customer interaction and excitement of selling can be highly satisfying and truly rewarding. So, choose Expo Stand Services and make your display stand out. These are some tips for first-time exhibitors. By using the guide above, your first exhibit will go smoothly. We are the top exhibition stand builders, having designed exhibition stands for years. Make an impression with several stand designs at an upcoming expo. Create a visually appealing display stand with the help of our skilled staff to increase brand recognition and optimize return on investment. A great exhibition can create significant added value for your company.

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