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7 factors you need to look into exhibition stand builders in Cologne

exhibition stand builders in Cologne

It is very difficult for an exhibitor to choose exhibition stand builders in Cologne for the brand exhibit. There are hundreds of companies organizing exhibitions across the country. There’s a good chance you’ll find exhibition stand contractors in Cologne who have built a stand somewhere and worked for a stand builder but are untrustworthy. Then how can you cut through the marketing noise and get a clear idea of ​​which of these exhibition stand builders best meets your current exposure needs? The way a good exhibition stand builder!

Expert exhibition stand builders will work hard to ensure your screen looks great and delivers maximum impact. Given the tight time constraints for stand construction and the conditions of the exhibition center, they organize the entire construction process in a coordinated and precise manner. At the same time, available budget and time constraints are utilized as much as possible to ensure the best ROI for every penny spent on marketing. This is only possible thanks to a great team and the project manager’s experience. A strong relationship based on trust and open communication is key to imagining, designing, producing, and delivering a great professional stand product.

Some tips for choosing the right exhibition stand builders in Cologne:

Consider the costs

Be careful if exhibition stand builders in Cologne offer a very low price compared to competitors. Be aware that quality has its price. If someone offers you a low price, the quality of the product is low, or there will be additional costs or hidden payments in the future. You might get a complete exhibition stand. But the amount you pay will only get you a little. Therefore, carefully analyze the average market price of the product you are interested in and then choose a product whose price fits your budget.

Requests for internal expertise

A central aspect when looking for a suitable stand contractor is the question of subcontracting. Many exhibition stand contractors in Cologne can create the concept of your dreams by delegating the construction process to a third party. Unfortunately, this solution could increase your expenses by up to 20%. Choosing a stand builder who designs your custom display and manufactures and installs it in-house can result in significant savings and better quality control.

Check your portfolio

Seeing is believing. View the portfolio of your chosen builder to get an idea of ​​their design style and quality of work. Look at previous projects to appreciate the versatility of working with different brand identities.

Seek opinions from experts

Safety is the real key to success, so you can trust the services of exhibition stand builders. This means you should seek advice and advice from industry experts before hiring an exhibition stand builder to represent your brand. It is also important for exhibitors to understand the services provided by exhibition stand builders in Cologne and to trust only some companies. Furthermore, we recommend that you make practical decisions based on expert advice.

Frequent exhibit

Is your exhibit a one-time exhibit, or do you want to reuse your stand? How much does it cost to reuse your stand at next year’s exhibition? Reusable exhibition stands are cost-effective and hassle-free. It provides an ideal solution for exhibitors looking for a cost-free experience. Exhibition stand contractors in Cologne should have experience in designing and manufacturing reusable stands and understand the different needs of their customers.

Offered services

What services does the company offer? Do they understand your mission and what you want to achieve with your stand? Cologne’s best exhibition stand builders offer complete services in-house, including planning, design, installation, construction, project management, graphics, construction, transportation, and logistics. Also, find out what types of exhibition stands they offer. Such as we customize stands, modular stands, and exhibit environments to suit your requirements, wishes, and budget.

Client reviews

To understand how exhibition stand contractors in Cologne work, talk to existing and previous customers, and learn more about quality, craft, and customer service, especially if things don’t go as planned.


Ask questions: Increases in costs incurred during the term of the contract. Did the exhibition stand builders respond well to changes and be flexible when required to make last-minute changes? Did the target delivery date be met, and did the design-to-installation service meet the customer’s expectations?

Considering all of these factors is paramount to ensuring a successful exhibit. These tips will also help you choose the perfect exhibition stand builders in Cologne or anywhere else to design a successful stand.

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