Medica 2023 desuldorf

Medica Dusseldorf 2022 - A global hub for Medical equipment industry

The professionals of medicine and pharmaceuticals meet at Medica 2022 exhibition. A great opportunity for anyone who wants to explore and experience the healthcare industry of tomorrow. This show allows you to delve into the world of medical technologies. The whole industry will come together to share, experience, and discuss the upcoming innovations in the medical industry. The show will take place in Messe Dusseldorf, Germany from 14 to 17 November 2022. The event takes place once a year in Dusseldorf and is open to trade visitors only. 

What Medica can offer?

Medica trade fair will allow you to learn about the latest technologies, high-tech products, meet global industry leaders, hidden champions, and startups or visit the top class forum and conferences.

There will be hundreds of various topics covered at the Forum and special shows that Medica will host in 2022. Regardless of what you are looking for, you will find it at Medica Dusseldorf 2022. The entire healthcare industry will gather under one roof to meet market leaders, established companies and key figures. For the last 40 years, Medica trade fair has been expanding its horizon to gain public recognition, and now, it has more than 5,600 exhibitors in 17 halls and thousands of visitors every year. Every year, thousands of professionals and experts meet each other at Medica 2022 to discuss the future of medicine.    

Major highlights of Medica Trade Fair

Medica trade fair in Dusseldorf this year, will primarily focus on Endoscopy and Surgery devices, Diagnostics, Laboratory equipment, Prosthesis & implants, Orthopaedic technology and physiotherapy, imaging supplies, etc. Each hall will host a particular set of technological presentations such as equipment, joints, heart, electromedicine, and a lot more. One of the major highlights of the event is the Start-up Park. In this section, all newly founded companies in the healthcare industry get their own platform to share their experiences and expectations.

Why we need Medica event?

Rising life expectancy, medical progress, new diseases and viruses, the growing awareness of the people for their health, and the growing demand for modern treatment methods are some of the primary reasons why events like Medica are the need of the hour. The main objective of sponsoring Medica trade fair is to provide the medical device industry a central market for innovative products and systems that will boost the overall quality and efficiency of treatment and patient health care.

Medica in 2022 Dusseldorf is a leading trade fair for medical professionals. To boost your presence in the trade fair hall, you need to focus on some key areas. Every exhibitor will try to attract as many visitors as possible to build their brand awareness. The goal of increasing the attractiveness of your brand will depend on how much time & effort you have invested in presenting it.

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