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Expo stand services – Offering exhibition stand design in Lyon

Here at expo stand services, we thrive to make sure that you get what you are paying for. We are from Lyon, France and we know how to help you make the most out of your exhibition space. A great number of exhibitions and trade shows are held in Lyon every year and exhibitors from all across the world come here to explore new avenues of expanding their business horizon. More often, they visit different countries to exhibit their brands and products so they can attract customers out of their nationality. Lyon is a potentially large exhibition hub offering a stage for exhibitors to bring their products and brands into the eyes of global customers. Competition here is intense and exhibitors invest heavily in custom stands and booths to appear as unique as possible. This gives them an upper hand in terms of visibility and exposure so they can make the most out of their exhibition budget.

How to find the right exhibition stand contractor in Paris?

The best way to ensure that your brand gets the desirable exposure here in Lyon is to invest in an exhibition design company in Lyon. However, finding the right exhibition stand contractor in Paris or Lyon is not always as simple as it seems. The best way to know whether the company you are hiring is capable of delivering the best results as per your estimates is to conduct quick research into the company’s profile and projects they have undergone.

Hiring the right exhibition booth builder is the only way to ensure a successful venture. But as we know that such a decision requires a lot of investment and without thorough research, you might end up losing all that money for no reason at all.

Why you should trust us?

Here at Expo stand services, you can check out every project we have successfully implemented so far on our web portal to help you make an informed decision. From client testimonials to achievements and services offered, you can go through all that and have peace of mind before you plan to invest. We believe in complete transparency and flexibility and we leave no stones unturned so that you can keep track of every small detail of the project you are entrusting upon us. We strive to deliver value for money services at a competitive price that you won’t find anywhere else.

We offer services all over France

With expo stand services, you only need to provide us information you want on your stand graphics and leave the rest to us. We deliver turnkey services in almost every major city of France. Our exclusive services include exhibition booth design in Lyon, exhibition stand design company in Lyon, trade show booth builder in France, and with a significant online presence, you can reach us anytime you want. We offer our services in and out of France including European and Middle-East countries. As a popular exhibition stand builder in Cannes with an in-house manufacturing unit, we can deliver stands and booths anywhere in France in no time. It helps us cut down the logistics and warehousing expenses and deliver you the products as economical as possible.

Our duties, ethics and principles

As a leading exhibition booth designer, it is our duty to make sure that your booth’s design will convey your brand message effectively to your targeted audiences and ensure that they turn into potential buyers.

Imagining and conceptualizing such innovative trade show booth designs is no child’s play. Therefore, we take it upon us to create a design that is perfect in all aspects so you don’t have to make last-minute changes. Our principles simply state that we are committed not to building booths and stands but to building strong relations with our clients. We take your business goals and turn them into a reality.   

As an exhibition stand contractor in Paris and other parts of France, you can consider opting Expo stand services as your reliable partner for exhibitions and trade shows as we are unbeatably affordable and greatly qualified to meet all your business goals.

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