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Expo stand services – Exhibition stand builder in Istanbul

When it comes to exhibiting at trade shows, business owners always look for ways to properly present their brands in the most visibly attractive way. But they simply overlook the fact that this requires the expert guidance of a professional. In a city like Istanbul where exhibitions and trade shows are commonplace, hiring a professional exhibition design company becomes inevitable to ensure a successful venture. 

Expo stand services, in this sense, is a well-established organization offering turnkey exhibition and trade show booth design services with a guaranteed return on investment. We are your first choice when it comes to exhibiting. To say, that both the design and the end product can bring your brand reputation to a greater height is a gross understatement. We can build a strong brand presence for you that is immune to any scrutiny and stiff competition. We are a leading exhibition stand contractor in Istanbul with a global outreach in European and Asian continents.

Expo stand services offering exhibition booth design in Istanbul is a great way of making sure that your brand and custom message is seen in a business exhibition hall. If you have a good location in a venue or any free space that supports stands and booths, expo stand services can help double your brand exposure by making the most out of your space.       

Why Istanbul?

Istanbul is a city of paramount importance located in Turkey that straddles Europe and Asia – a melting pot of cultures and opportunities. The city has long been a global hub for international trade shows and exhibitions for businesses all across the world.

Every year, the city welcomes hundreds of thousands of business tourists who are looking for ways to invest in the flourishing markets of Istanbul. With so many exhibition stand builders in Istanbul offering cheap yet effective exhibition stand design in Istanbul, you can easily enter the competition, make a strong presence and get notified by the bigger players in the exhibition industry. As a reputed exhibition booth builder in Turkey, we can make your brand get noticed by potential customers to help expand your business and reach out to a wider audience. Expo stand services is a globally renowned brand having a strong presence in Turkey and served hundreds of satisfied customers as compared to any other exhibition booth designer in Turkey.

Exhibition booth builder in Turkey

When producing exhibition stands and booths in Turkey, we start by choosing a sturdy, lightweight material that can hold your graphics firmly to prevent any buildup of wrinkles. The glossy texture provides a glaring effect in the presence of lights. Later, we print your custom graphics directly onto the substrate by using either direct printing or digital printing. Both are unique and provide a great print result in terms of quality, visibility and exposure. Such a printing style makes your stand to be seen from afar. Frame constructed using high-strength aluminum or steel with adjustable telescopic legs to help you create an atmosphere and spacing your exhibition space requires.

Additional support

Preparing for an exhibition can prove stressful at times but with the help of expo stand services, you don’t need to worry about any of that. Apart from manufacturing and designing, we look after the installation, assembly, storage, logistics, and project management. Unless your campaign is successfully concluded with all your goals positively achieved, our job is not finished. It is simply not in our blood to leave our clients in the middle of the project as it will greatly put their venture at the risk of failure. We stick with you to the end to make sure that you’re free of any trouble while promoting your brands.

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