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Crop-up leads at EIMA International 2024 with the showcase experts

The EIMA International is ready for another face-to-face meeting. The exhibition is recognized as the leading agricultural and horticultural industry exhibition. Recognized as the world place for agricultural and landscaping machinery, equipment and components, EIMA International is hosting the EIMA International 2024 Bologna from (date).

This international exhibition is the largest for agriculture and landscape machinery, equipment, and components. A record number of over 2,000 exhibitors and more than 320,000 visitors have already confirmed their participation in the exhibition. The last edition of this influential global exhibition for the agricultural industry was a great success and was welcomed by around 3,27,100 trade visitors worldwide. 

Attractions of the EIMA International 2024

EIMA International 2024 will present a platform where attendees can experience product innovation in 5 main areas:

  • Green: Technologies and machines for gardening and landscaping
  • Digital: Advanced Electronics Fair
  • Components: accessories for all types of machines and equipment
  • Eurotech: Water and Irrigation Management
  • Energy: Technologies to harness renewable energy sources from agriculture and forestry

Here are some of the benefits of attending EIMA International Bologna:

  • Many interesting areas will also participate in the exhibition, such as EIMA Campus, EIMA Desk and EIMA MiA. This allows you to make purchases and conclude contracts in the pleasant atmosphere of the exhibition.
  • A full range of products will be displayed at the exhibition, including agricultural and forest clearing machinery, tractors, tillage machinery, irrigation, harvesting and crop processing equipment. EIMA International visitors and exhibitors can participate in workshops, live shows, networking exhibitions and other exciting exhibitions across three themed areas.
  • Because EIMA 2024 is such a popular exhibition, it leads industry policymakers, resellers and buyers to attend the show to learn about and see the latest news. EIMA Green, EIMA Components, EIMA Energy, EIMA Idrotech and EIMA Digital are the exhibition’s themes, which mainly focus on the agricultural and machinery sectors.
  • 2000 exhibitors and more than 300,000 visitors will be at the exhibition. Around 1,000 exhibitors worldwide will present their latest innovations and cutting-edge technologies at EIMA International 2024 Bologna.

What makes EIMA International 2024 different from other exhibitions?

EIMA International 2024 hosts numerous workshops and forums dedicated to agriculture, forestry and horticulture. If you work in agriculture, don’t miss the opportunity to stay part of EIMA International 2024 in Bologna! The seminars and workshops at EIMA are key areas where industry experts and professionals discuss the latest technologies and devices.

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To Summarize

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