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Busworld 2023

Ride the success with an alluring exhibit at Busworld Europe 2023 from ESS

Busworld Europe 2023 is one of the world’s largest and most famous bus exhibitions. According to projections, over 550 exhibitors and nearly 40,000 visitors will attend the exhibition. The Busworld Brussels 2023 will take place from 7 to 12 October 2023, marking the exhibition’s 50th anniversary as well!! Potential buyers of Busworld are bus operators, transport companies, and airports; it is a major buyer for schools, buses, and the auto industry. Due to the many participants and various products, BUSWORLD Europe 2023 Brussels is considered the best B2B exhibition of the year in this sector. The visitors’ internationality and purchasing power confirms the exhibition’s decisive role as a network and business platform.

Factors of Busworld Europe 2023

The main Busworld Europe 2023 will showcase the latest innovations in the following areas:

  • Bus – double-decker, fuel cell, engine, tire, door, ITS
  • Coach – articulated bus, axle, CNG, HVAC, axle, floor, software
  • Minibus – diesel, seats, mirror, chassis
  • Intercity busses – electric battery, transmissions, thickening, window

 The six days of Busworld Brussels 2023 will also feature an outstanding supporting program where professional visitors can exchange know-how and experience with engineers, R&D staff, members of automotive federations, educational institutions, and the authorities

Busworld Europe 2023’s goal is to be the world leader in bus and coach exhibitions and seminars worldwide, ensuring that all passenger mobility questions are answered. It will further facilitate networking and engagement between professionals.

Major objectives of Busworld Brussels 2023

The main mission of Busworld Brussels 2023 is to:

  • Improving mobility, comfort, and safety for passengers is a central stakeholder in the mobility story. Promote and increase public and private transport use by buses and coaches as a precursor to a more sustainable environment.
  • Connect, network, conduct business, and share technology and specific knowledge with industry players, including government agencies, public and private operators, manufacturers, suppliers, and academics, both offline and online, of the omnibus in the mobility equation.

As the leading exhibition for the Belgian bus industry, BUSWORLD Europe 2023 Brussels is the premier platform for local, regional, and international buyers, bus manufacturers, and suppliers.

Highlights of Busworld Brussels 2023

Innovative representatives from all segments of the bus vehicle industry present their products at this exhibition.

The BUSWORLD Europe 2023 Brussels will show the latest developments in the industry and covers three areas:

  • coach manufacturers,
  • accessories,
  • public transport, and

Environmental issues are also on the agenda: manufacturers, component suppliers, electronic and computer systems, service engineers, and service technicians. Several conferences will be held during the exhibition, where topics of interest to bus manufacturers and operators will be discussed. If you want to be among the market leaders and suppliers, don’t miss the opportunity to create important business opportunities at Busworld Europe 2023, we are here!

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We will conveniently present your idea or product at Busworld Europe 2023

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