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BLECHEXPO Stuttgart 2023

Blechexpo Stuttgart 2025

Blechexpo Stuttgart 2025: An exhibition for sheet metal working

Blechexpo is an international exhibition for sheet metal working. It will be held from 21 October to 24 October 2025 at Messe Stuttgart, Stuttgart, Germany. The fair, which opened in 1994 under the name “Südblech,” underwent a major transformation and became known internationally in 2005, taking the name “Blechexpo.” Another critical step was its move to the Stuttgart fair in 2007, which offered new opportunities and opportunities to exhibitors and visitors. P. E. Schall GmbH & Co. is behind this unique industrial activity. KG, the organizer of Blechexpo 2025 Stuttgart, is committed to providing a platform showcasing the full range of cold steel processing and thermal and mechanical engineering. This includes cutting, gluing, and joining systems and processes of associated technologies, machines, equipment, peripherals, and auxiliary equipment.

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Benefits by attending Blechexpo Stuttgart 2025

In previous editions, this exhibition attracted about 5,000 to 20,000 visitors, helping exhibitors attract more visitors and achieve their goals. You can meet various industry experts, engineers, manufacturers, industry leaders, and decision-makers to effectively grow your network and business in the best way possible.

  • Industry leaders will provide insight into rapid development, robotics, digital solutions, and more at Blechexpo Stuttgart 2025 Germany.
  • Blechexpo’s special is its partnership with Schweisstec, the international trade fair for entry-level technologies. This unique combination was designed for complementary paper processing and binding technologies, making it the only exhibition worldwide.
  • The Blechexpo 2025 in Stuttgart focuses on metalworking machinery, cutting and machining technology, transportation and processing of structures, innovation and integration of technology, and the presentation of end products.
  • In addition to promoting products and services, the exhibition also acts as an essential information and communication center connecting research, education, and vocational training centers and schools.
  • It refers to experts from various fields, from design and production to finishing and cleaning parts before surface treatment.
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More about Blechexpo Stuttgart 2025

The Blechexpo Stuttgart 2025 is considered the best B2B event of the year as it is the most important fair platform for professionals and manufacturers. There will be an exhibition of the latest artworks at some of the most popular fairs, including:

  • Processing technology, cold or hot
  • Cleaning metal parts and other metal parts
  • Network and technology
  • Performance monitoring and quality assurance
  • Cutting technology, thermal and mechanical
  • Occupational safety and environmental protection
  • Input and output technology, thermal and mechanical
  • Sheet metal and metal plating part
  • Technology and the use of robots
  • Multi-Purpose Processing Techniques
  • Surface finishing, electroplating painting, etc.

Another highlight of the Blechexpo 2025 Stuttgart is Coilex, a technology park that produces mechatronic components. This section expands the exhibition and provides insight into the technology and process.

The Messe Stuttgart, the venue, with its present-day infrastructure and spatial flexibility, presents the best situations for an exhibition of this magnitude, selling exchange, networking, and know-how switch amongst expert traffic and exhibitors. The Blechexpo Stuttgart 2025 Germany is a crucial exhibition for specialists in the sheet metallic processing industry and associated sectors, serving each as a market for modern answers and an exhibit for technological developments, in addition to a discussion board for replacing professional know-how and excellent practices.

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