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Exhibition Stands with eye-catching elements for Top Hair INTERNATIONAL 2023!

TOP HAIR is among Europe’s most important exhibitions for the hairdressing industry. It gathers the industry leaders under one roof. TOP HAIR International 2023 will welcome over 65,000 traffic to Messe Dusseldorf from 1st to 2nd April to create the ideal blend of the exhibition indicates and informative workshops.

TOP HAIR INTERNATIONAL 2023 - The best platform for the hair industry

This exhibition for the hair cosmetics industry enthuses the industry year after year. As a unique discussion board for schooling, it presents the possibility of glancing over the shoulders of the industry experts of their world-importance indicates or in the supplied workshops. 

  • All main exhibitors display the services and products in the regions of hair care, expert articles, cosmetics, nails, spas, style jewellery, wigs, hairpieces, salon gadget, and salon decoration. 
  • As a result, the Top Hair International 2023 Dusseldorf will give a complete picture of the industry with a clean separation among order and direct income regions. 
  • You can sit up for extraordinary creativity and business and experience the state-of-the-art improvements up close. 
  • This exhibition will include the shows of merchandise, hairdressing and styling strategies, and makeup demonstrations. 
  • Top Hair International 2023 includes a sizable product show with an inspiring assisting program and staged indicates. 
  • It is a must-attend show, as it offers an outstanding line-up of pinnacle hairdressers in the USA, providing the most glamorous and cutting-edge opportunities in the field. 

Expo Stand Services as your exhibiting partner

Whether you are a first-time exhibitor or a pro expert? Collaborating with us presents you with a value-powerful and hassle-free option. It is primarily visible in exhibitions that merchandise is displayed in a cluster which makes the booth appearance chaotic. We are specialists in presenting traditional customized stands in modern and 3-D designs that improve your brand image.

Why choose us as your exhibition stand builder in Dusseldorf?

Expo Stand Services is one of the outstanding exhibition stand contractors in Dusseldorf that offer end-to-end showcasing services and all of the answers associated with exhibitions confronted to our customers.

We offer hassle-free showcasing as:

  • Our team creates pleasant and relaxed surroundings for our customers by taking their whole workload associated with the exhibition stand design and build.  
  • We are an exhibition stand builder in Germany, gifted with the skill of long-lasting and spacious stand building.
  • Our team of 3-D designers makes portraits and generations to convey your message at the display ground. 
  • We are the worldwide exhibition stand contractor in Dusseldorf and offer customized stands to propose to the developing desires and necessities of the client.
  • Our clients entrust us with developing versatile and attractive stands.
  • We trust in developing durable collaboration with our clients by presenting them with the quality of their company image.
  • Our international presence allows foreign exhibitors to meet us and customize their stand.
  • You can blindly consider us for the great merchandise, modern designs and after-display services.
  • Our complete and committed workforces ensure our customers quicker delivery, ease of bills, and versatility of operations.

All in all:

We are right here to help you with each step. Expo Stand Services offer everything from preliminary sketches, pattern design, and images to provide you with a design your exhibition stand requires. We will let you add artwork, graphics, and textual content at some stage in the preliminary making plans step and allow your thoughts and desires to circulate throughout the task. 

On top of that, we are additionally satisfied to put together a value estimate that will help you discover whether or not it suits your budget. Having the correct idea before the start of the task eliminates the hazard of any unpleasant surprises.

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