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ITB Berlin 2022

We know what’ll get you the attention at ITB Berlin 2023

The ITB Berlin is the largest tourism exhibition in the world. It is one of the most major events in the tourism business, with over 10,000 exhibitors. Trade visitors and private interested parties can discover information and inspiration at the stands, which cover more than 160,000 square meters. In the exhibition rooms at the Radio Tower, all-important industry participants show themselves as part of the ITB.

Many people interested in travel are attracted to elaborately created information stands on countries, locations, hotels, and tourist associations. Specialist suppliers, such as tour operators, booking systems, and transportation companies, will also be present. The ITB Berlin in 2023 is appealing to both trade visitors and everyone else because of the large range of products and services available.

What can you expect from stand builder at the ITB Berlin 2023?

Do you want to make a name for yourself on a worldwide scale? Enjoy being a one-of-a-kind exhibitor at the 2023 ITB BerlinExhibition stand builder i.e. Expo Stand Services can assist you in bringing your visions and ideas to life.

  • We have professional designers who are great at emulating your thoughts, views and creating 3D layouts in the most cost-effective and budget-friendly way possible. As a result, if you’re seeking a low-cost rental stand with a beautiful design, only a stand builder can assist you.
  • Expo Stand Services have an in-house fabrication and printing facility where we curate and ship exhibition stands to any exhibition in Germany.
  • We provide a traditional selection of custom-designed modular exhibition stands. Our 1000+ stand designs will help you find the perfect design to make your brand stand out at ITB Berlin.
  • As a leading exhibition stand contractor, we provide a traditional variety of custom-designed exhibition stands that will assist you to locate your subsequent layout for assisting your emblem shine in ITB Berlin in 2023.
  • We have a distinctive and whole variety of exhibition stands which you pick in your display at reserved ITB Berlin 2023 Berlin Dates.
  • Our exhibition stands are smooth to install and are designed to last, main to cost-effectiveness. You also can reconfigure those into exceptional sizes, developing a unique searching exhibition stand whenever you exhibit.
  • The fine-pushed designs and offerings alongside the monetary potentialities assist garner higher consequences and most exhibitions stand footfall.
  • As an exhibitor, whether or not worldwide or domestic, it’s miles essential to garner most visitors’ hobbies and generate excessive leads. By deciding on Expo Stand Services, you’re assured of experiencing a hassle-free exhibition stand at ITB Berlin.
  • Expo Stand Services affords a realistic and expert method in the system of designing, constructing, transporting, and dismantling your exhibition stand and offers you a creation stand for ITB Berlin- International Travel Trade Show Berlin.
  • Our pool of expert designers and venture managers, sizable community, and for many years of revel in constructing exhibition stands for customers in Western Europe makes us one of the maximum dependable exhibition stands contractors in Berlin.

What are the advantages of exhibiting at the ITB Berlin Trade Show this year?

The World’s Leading Travel Trade Show should be attended by everyone in the travel industry. It reflects the entire value-added chain of the tourism sector. The business component of the show, in addition to meeting and getting to know industry decision-makers, is what determines the show’s success for exhibitors.

ITB Berlin in 2023 will draw the largest number of international trade visitors and boasts the most exhibitors from across the world. Germany only represents about 20% of the show’s exhibitors. The tourists are mostly from foreign nations, accounting for 80% of the total. The ITB Berlin trade show is always like a big family reunion for the global travel sector.

The World’s Leading Travel, Trade Show should be attended by every international specialist in the travel industry. This is where top decision-makers, specialists, buyers, and young professionals from every tourist industry meet: hotels, tourism organizations, tour operators, travel agencies, transportation companies, booking portals, system providers, and everyone else.

Services we offer

  • 100% Pre-Build Guarantee – Before dispatch, we pre-construct your stand so that we will take a look at its fine and durability. We may also ship you photographs so that may verify the very last search for your stand layout.
  • Project management – We assign you a neighborhood venture supervisor who’s acquainted with guidelines and rules of displaying in Germany. They will offer you ordinary updates in your exhibition venture and make sure that your stand will attain ITB Berlin on time.
  • Custom 3-D Booth Design – Once you pick out a stand layout from our listing of 1000+ stand thoughts, we will customize it for you as in step with your brief.
  • Installation and Dismantle – We offer complete setup and dismantling in your exhibition stand on the fairgrounds so you can attention to showcasing your emblem higher.


In the last, in case you do now no longer need to shop for your exhibition stands for ITB Berlin 2023, you furthermore may pick the exhibition stand services at a perfect and cost-powerful option.

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