InnoTrans 2024: a place where your brand success stays

Every 2 years, InnoTrans, an international exhibition for transportation technology in terms of new components, vehicles, and systems, is held in Berlin. It has been a vital component of Berlin’s exhibition landscape since its inception in 1996, and it has served as the industry’s flagship event since 2000. With over 220 businesses situated in Berlin, it is regarded as the German competence hub for traffic engineering, making it an appropriate location for an exhibition of this type. As an industry platform, it brings together national and international providers with buyers in the passenger and freight transportation areas. Railway technology, railway infrastructure, interiors, public transportation, and tunnel construction are the main product groups.

The most important exhibition for rail transport technology, InnoTrans 2024, will be held at Messe Berlin from September 24 to 27. Attending the 15th edition of InnoTrans 2024 Berlin ensures that you will meet industry leaders from Germany, the EU, and beyond, as well as see technologies that will shape the mobility future. The digital side of the trade show, as well as safety, new policies, and climate change challenges, will be of interest.

InnoTrans exhibition 2024 in Berlin has been building its professional community since the late 1990s and is focused on advancing efficiency in transportation technology at all levels – materials and components, systems, and whole vehicles. The InnoTrans Convention is an important aspect of the InnoTrans exhibition 2024. It has established itself as an international communication gathering point for top decision-makers from politics, economy, and transportation, with first-class expert panels and high-profile panel discussions. Future trends and visions will be explored, as well as pertinent transportation topics. The Career & Education Hall serves as a primary gathering area for all attendees and rounds out the InnoTrans’s offerings.

InnoTrans 2024 will be organized into 5 segments:

  • railway technology,
  • railway infrastructure,
  • interiors,
  • public transportation, and
  • tunnel construction

The annual outdoor display, where participants can try out new technologies and show off their new goods, will be the centerpiece of InnoTrans 2024. The InnoTrans Campus for young professionals, the Bus Display, which blends static and animated exhibits, and the International Bus Forum are among the other event highlights. A side convention of panels and panel discussions with major industry experts concludes the InnoTrans 2024 Berlin agenda.

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