Let’s turn your exhibit vision into reality at EBACE 2022

At EBACE 2022, the European aviation community will come together once more for one of its major gat`herings. The two previous iterations of the European Business Aviation Association were sadly delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic, which makes the current EBACE in 2022 Geneva, Switzerland – 23rd to 25th May – particularly appealing. At Palexpo in Geneva, more than 13,000 business executives from the aviation industry, suppliers of goods and services, government representatives, and other industry participants will gather.

An energizing opening keynote session, hosted by EBAA Secretary-General Athar Husain Khan, got the week started. People with amazing aviation stories have previously appeared at this welcome event, entertaining and inspiring attendees alike. This time, as pilot Zara Rutherford took the stage, that was unquestionably the case. She made history a few months ago when, at the age of 19, she flew alone across the globe. To encourage girls and young women to pursue jobs in aviation and STEM fields, she tried the feat. Rutherford described the difficulties and victories she encountered during the 155-day flight in her Shark UL ultralight aircraft with passion.

The EBACE Geneva 2022 showcases the most recent developments in aircraft design, manufacture, and maintenance, as well as in freight handling, charter services, and other areas. The expo has over 400 exhibitors offering innovative products and first-rate services. The static aircraft display at Geneva International Airport, which features more than 50 cutting-edge aircraft models, is also a part of the expo. Business executives, government representatives, manufacturers, employees of corporate aviation departments, and a wide range of other individuals involved in almost all facets of business aviation are all present at the EBACE in 2022 Geneva, Switzerland.

Other Important aspects of the European Business Aviation Association

  • Aviation business owners, executives, and employees of flight departments have the opportunity to network with exhibitors during the 3 action-packed days of EBACE 2022 and exhibition expertise, share best practices, and forge fruitful partnership opportunities. 
  • For added value, the outstanding exhibition is supplemented by a first-rate accompanying program. The most crucial subjects in the field are covered in dozens of training seminars and a keynote presentation. 
  • Young professionals who are interested in entering or advancing their careers in the sector can benefit greatly from the Careers in Business Aviation Day initiative.  
  • Then attendees flocked to the exhibit hall to check out the 300+ booths showing the newest products for the aviation sector. 
  • The first, and possibly the biggest, news of the week broke quickly at the Bombardier stand, so visitors wouldn’t have to wait long. The Global 8000 jet was unveiled by the Canadian manufacturer, who got the crowd going. 
  • Entertaining movies showed off the newcomer’s class-leading performance, which included an 8,000 nautical mile range and a top speed of Mach 0.94. 
  • The Global 8000 will be the world’s fastest business jet if its performance claims hold when it is delivered to customers in 2025. 

Why you should participate in EBACE Geneva 2022?

There are many benign motives to wait for EBACE Geneva 2022, however, the listing below will truly assist in making a decision why this change honest occasion is satisfactory for displaying your trendy developments in aviation:

  • The platform offers the opportunity to hook up with global traders and customers.
  • It continues you in the loop with the trendy industry information and satisfactory practices.
  • You could have the possibility to witness the latest services and products in the aviation industry.
  • The exhibition ground will assist you to discover your new clients/audiences.
  • You will pay a go to corporations on the equal floor and take a look at the most modern services and products they provide.
  • EBACE in 2022 Geneva, Switzerland will once more keep its excessive status by web website hosting complete academic software and a meeting for marketers.
  • The EBACE 2022 is the most occasions for the European Business Aviation Association
  • The globally famed exhibition is devoted to revolutionizing the large spectrum of the aviation industry via its presentation of the revolutionary and dynamic improvements in aviation technology. 
  • The exhibition serves as a global platform for customers and sellers, marketers, enterprise experts, authority administrators, manufacturers, representations from the aviation industry, avionics firms, fractional carrier providers, plane rent companies, and every person in the sphere of the aviation industry.

What makes us different from others?

  • If you attend EBACE 2022 as an exhibitor, it’s going to assist in: Generating new income, acquiring extra income leads, introducing new offerings and goods, connecting with modern-day consumers, and retaining your brand’s image, visibility, and recognition.
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All in All:

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