ANUGA Cologne 2021

ANUGA Cologne 2021 – Messe Cologne Germany

As a prominent exhibition show for the global food and beverages industry, Anuga food fair cologne needs no introduction. Dates for the year 2021 edition have been announced for the period October 9th – October 13th Anuga 2021 trade fair will follow the tradition of blazing new trails in the development of food and beverage industry. Given the unique trade fair concept, the benchmark appointment will feature 10 distinctive food and beverage shows. The international conference is a big draw with close to 165,000 participants anticipated to fill the halls of the exhibition center. The show takes place every 2 years in Germany.

ANUGA Cologne 2021

When and where it will take place

For the first time, the food and beverage industry get-together will be augmented by the new digital format Anuga @home for 2 days between 11th to 13th October. This new development will encourage industry leaders from all around the world to participate in the show and provide them extended opportunities to bring forth their thoughts on the future of the industry. The show will host a range of leading manufacturers, importers, wholesalers, suppliers and trade agencies for food and drinks, catering technologies, fresh convenience products, and much more. It will give an opportunity for hundreds of thousands of visitors and interested buyers to explore the latest developments in the food & beverages industry, check out free samples and place orders if they like the product.

What ANUGA Cologne 2021 Germany will offer?

Anuga Cologne 2021 offers countless special events, product demonstrations, and congresses on 11 trending themes. With so many innovative programs and an impressive exhibitor group, ANUGA 2021 Germany stands as a biannual highlight of food & beverage industry. ANUGA Cologne 2021 in Germany will motivate start-ups to boost their presence in the industry and generate new opportunities for them to grow and explore the industry trends as it provides an interesting look, a clean, deep and sometimes a sudden understanding of developments in the FAB industry. Held once every 2 years, ANUGA Cologne 2021 is the most inspiring business platform for the food and beverage industry. The previous edition was held before the events of the COVID-19 pandemic, which brought to Cologne 7500 exhibitors from roughly 170 countries and more than 165,000 visitors from 198 countries. The same or more is expected this time as well.           

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