From where and why you should get Double Decker exhibition stands?

Double Decker stands

Are you also looking for the answer to these 2 questions? If yes, then keep reading we ensure that you will get and be satisfied after reading this blog as we have provided key points about the best exhibition stand contractor and Double Decker exhibition stands.  First, let’s talk about where you can get the best exhibition stand services? Let’s get into it.

The best exhibition stand contractorand exhibition stand in Europe you can get at Expo Stand Services as:

  • We provide an excellent selection of double-decker display booth stands with pre-engineered decks, staircases, and bridges, as well as graphics to meet your specific needs.
  • It expands the size of your exhibition stand and gives you more opportunities for graphic branding.
  • We specialise in the design and construction of double-decker display stands.
  • We can make a big effect in a small place.
  • We have years of experience with the technical design and construction of double-decker and complex exhibition stands, so you can be confident that we will help you complete your project without stress.
  • Expo Stand Services will collaborate with you to find the best solution for your needs.
  • We design and develop durable and unique double-story stand designs that provide privacy to each of your booth attendants.

Now, why you should get a Double Decker exhibition stand?

Double-decker exhibition stand designs provide appealing chances for conspicuous placement of promotional displays as well as more opportunities for entertaining and interacting with your visitors.

  • With our double deck booth, you can make a big impression at an exposition hall or venue.
  • Double-Decker exhibitions have two tiers; the upper tier can be used for various meetings and excellent networking time away from the main exhibition, while the lower tier keeps the buzz continuing.
  • In other words, the upper tier is intended for private meetings and to provide a peaceful environment apart from the main show. On the lower tier, you can continue networking.

For your most important visitors, a double-deck stand with an upper-level VIP hospitality section delivers a one-of-a-kind experience.

The Out Stroke:

The team in charge of designing and building double-decker stands at Expo Stand Services has a unique imagination that results in ideas that are above and beyond expectations. Our team’s skill in building Double Decker exhibition stands is a valuable asset in being able to construct such a technical display stand with such precision. Several clients approach us as the prominent exhibition stand contractor in Europe based on our trust pilot since we have our wings spread across Europe.

Take the first step toward establishing a brand by exposing your products and services to a large audience with one of our double-decker exhibition stands.

How to make a successful Expo?

expo video

You may probably have heard about the term “expo”. An expo refers to an event where businesses can exhibit their products and services to their potential customers. Getting your business engaged in expos or exhibitions can bring them exposure and generate leads.

There are a lot of smart ways to bring your expo success. One of these smart ways is to ensure that your expo is engaging its customers. But keep in mind that your potential customers are not only those who attended it. You also have remote potential customers that you must consider reaching out to over the internet. Creating an engaging and informative video can help you capture the attention of potential customers. Aside from that, it can help explain your company’s products or services. In creating a video that engages your audience, you will need to use a video maker to help you out with creating, editing, and adding animations and effects. This kind of tool can bring your project into a more exciting and engaging video. 

How do I stand out at an expo?

Trade shows or expos are among the excellent ways to get your business exposed to more prospective customers. All business owners know that. That’s why each company is finding a way to stand out in the said event. There you can find different gimmicks to create engagement with the customers that convert sales. 

It is every business’ goal to stand out in the event, this is also to ensure that they’d be getting the ROI from the time and money they spent for the expo. To join an expo, you must consider the expenses for the booth, the booth space, the materials that you will bring, the products, and the persons who will be taking charge of the event such as the MC. Make sure to always get the best ones. 

To stand out in the event, give away something that is not common. Corporate headphones, sunglasses, mugs, and laptop skins, are just a few of the things that you can give out. You must also invest in some great displays that would catch the attention of the people walking around the event. Investing in the fully-designed photo booth is just one of the great displays samples. 

5 Ways to Improve Your Expo Through Videos

A video marketing campaign is the act of producing and distributing videos to promote a business or product. Videos can be used to generate interest in a product or service, educate potential customers about a product or service, or even promote a brand’s values. And through videos, you can spread the word of the excitement and fun in the said event, especially to the potential remote customers.

Videos can do a lot of things to improve your exhibition. Continue reading and find out the 5 ways that you can follow to improve your expo through videos.

  1. Create pre-show videos 

 In marketing, marketing doesn’t start right on the date of the event. It starts right before the event. Start marketing campaign with the use of the pre-show videos. Make sure to prepare your pre-show video at least one month ahead of time. Use social media platforms as the channels to spread the word about your upcoming event. This can do a lot in educating the potential customers about your products, services, and the dates and locations that the event will be held.

  • Represent the life cycle of your product/service.

 Create a video that shows how your business started until it reached the peak of its success. Take advantage of utilizing the animation features of your video editor to create a good one. Walk into the different branches of your company, such as the research and manufacturing branches. This is one of the interesting topics that the customers would love to watch.

  • Live Stream the show during the event

Take advantage of the live streaming features of the web. A lot of potential customers will be excited to see via live streaming what your company had prepared. A few of the things that they are excited to know about are the masters of the ceremonies, the giveaways, and special announcements such as newly launched products.

  •  Post-Show Marketing

The event might be over as the exhibit ends but not the video campaign. Make sure to create a video that showcases the remarkable events during the exhibit. This is one of the awaited moments by the online customers who were not able to witness the event.

  •  Visuals over voice

We all know how noisy it could be during the event. It will be hard for the person in charge of the audio to get clear audio recordings. It would be helpful if you will focus more on representing visuals in the video rather than the event-recorded audio. If you’re thinking about the message that you want to deliver, don’t worry. Words can be expressed through added text or you may also add subtitles that are available in the video editing tools.

Another effective way of having a successful Expo is hiring a professional exhibition stand contractor like Expo Stand Services. Here’re some benefits of hiring us as your exhibition booth designer:

  • We have a skillful team of designers with a cumulative enjoy of years of experience. 
  • Our in-house, full-time exhibition booth designers study and have a look at the marketplace developments to create exhibition stand designs that decorate your brand emblem image. 
  • Our exhibition stand designers now no longer handiest create designs which can be trendy, however additionally they layout stands that spotlight your key advertising and marketing message. 
  • Our stands resonate together along with your brand persona and assist the growth of your brand.

Wrap it up! 

In the end, creating a video can be a daunting task to some but not if you are equipped with the right video editing software. Make sure to check out the complete features that your video editing software offers. Otherwise, if you are too busy and have no time to do the editing, you may also hire professionals to do the task for you. The same goes with exhibition stands get the professional for the best output at the exhibition. Given in this article are the five ways how you can improve your exhibit through videos.

Ways to completely revamp your Exhibit

exhibition stand

The major advantage of exhibiting is that you may welcome your audience to your stand rather than searching for them. Only if you are ready, with partners and a procedure in place. And to ensure that we have provided some of the tips that can help to attract a large number of people at your stand.

  • Gifts and giveaways

Gifts and giveaways can help you attract visitors’, which is always a good deal (a visitor coming for a purpose is a good visitor). You can either give your B2B customers presents or urge your B2C consumers to visit your website and claim a prize. You might also hold contests to keep your visitors interested. These competitions can help you create a nice atmosphere surrounding your stand, but don’t go overboard with them. You can also consider running a contest to attract visitors. These contests help create a positive experience around the stand but don’t overdo it. After all, you want to be known for your products and services, not the raffle you performed.

  • Get in touch with a professional exhibition stand builder

Even if you lack in-house stand design knowledge, this should not prevent you from putting up a visually appealing exhibition stand for a high-stakes event. Hiring an experienced and capable stand designer and stall-building company can allow you to focus on your business while they handle all of the exhibition stand design work. Look for an exhibition booth builder who has an experience in stall designing for exhibitions. Like Expo Stand Services is among the best exhibition stand builders with years of experience in making stand design.

  • To improve the visiting experience, use audio-visuals

Having your screens display product characteristics, and client and company testimonials can relieve stress on your workers and leave an indelible impression on your visitors. It can also encourage visitors to spend more time in and around your stall (also, it can attract visitors who would have otherwise passed by). Your stall’s tone can be set with high-definition graphics and soothing music.

  • Go in with a goal in mind and a set of KPIs in place

You can quantify your success or ROI based on the number of visits, the number of relevant email addresses collected, the quantity and quality of B2B contacts, and so on if you have a purpose in mind. Put the systems in place and assign responsibility for measuring various indicators to your employees. You can only measure your achievement if you understand what success means in this context.

  • Have the best at your stand

Your exhibition stand design is your biggest advertisement, and your employees are your brand ambassadors. Make your best employees responsible for dealing with your visitors. Product expertise, communication skills, patience, and empathy are all factors to consider. Product managers should collect input, marketing managers should sell ideas and cultivate relationships, and general managers should interact with B2B clients.

  • Follow the adage, “Visitor by Visitor

You can choose to focus on individual visitors or groups of visitors. You can create a visitor experience by greeting them, offering them a tour, sharing your materials with them, collecting their contact information, and scheduling a meeting (if that works). Before you greet your first visit, create an experience and a process. Even if your visitors aren’t potential purchasers, don’t forget to go the extra mile for them. The marketing world is full of customer stories of how a manager was helpful to them and helped the company gain a great reputation (don’t do things just for the sake of it; be truly helpful).

  • Post-exhibition experience management

 Once the exhibition is over, the relationship with the visitor must not end. You can stay in touch with them and explore ways to provide value throughout the year. This can help you to promote the relationship between your next exhibition image and the Cheerleader army (visitors) for your next exhibit.

The Out Stroke:

In the end, the best way of having a successful exhibit is to connect with Expo Stand Services– a leading exhibition stand contractor having years of experience in the field of stand designing and building. We offer all exhibiting services under one roof at pocket-friendly prices.

We hope that with the help of this blog you’ll have a successful exhibit.