Tips for having a successful show at Eurostaory Paris 2022

Eurosatory 2022

Eurosatory attracted almost 1800 exhibitors and 57,000 visitors in 2018. Now is your chance to participate and show off cutting-edge land and air defence security and products.

But you must be wondering why you need to participate at Eurosatory 2022 Defence & Security?

The biggest reason for participating in Eurosatory is that it’s one of the biggest exhibitions of the Defence & Security industry.

So, if you’re from the following industries do participate in Eurosatory 2022 Defence & Security:

  • Aerospace
  • Defense of the land
  • Arms
  • Security

Now the tips that can help to have a successful EUROSATORY exhibition in Paris 2022.

First and foremost hire Expo Stand Services as your exhibition booth builder for Eurosatory. That’ll help to increase the numerous footfalls at your stand via their attractive exhibition stand design.

And are the other tips:

  • Make certain you have a show strategy

Consider how you’ll approach leads and discussions before you arrive at the show.

How will you display your exhibition to get the most impact, and how will you keep track of your leads for your post-show strategy?

  • Communicate

When you’re exhibiting and hundreds of people pass by your booth, it’s tempting to become overly enthusiastic and want to speak with everyone.

After all, the vast majority of them will be business owners, thus they’ll most likely be potential consumers, right?


If someone comes to your stand for the first time and sees your business for the first time, odds are they won’t do business with you until they get to know you better.

To that end, having a conversation with someone can help you begin this process by determining what their requirements are and whether or not you can truly assist them.

  • Check Out Who Else Is Putting On A Show

There may be hundreds, if not thousands, of people looking around the show, but they aren’t the only ones with whom you can do business.

If you have the opportunity, wander around some of the other stands because you never know who can be a possible buyer for your company.

  • It’s Not Just About Making Money

You may be able to identify possible partners as well as leads for your small business.

Remember that, just like in PR, creating a business network takes time, and your credibility can be shattered in an instant, so if you identify a suitable partner, look after them since they may be able to introduce you to others.

You Can Experiment With New Concepts:

Small business owners abound at business shows, and, probably, you won’t recognize the bulk of them in attendance.

If you have an idea that you want to test or do market research, Eurosatory 2022 is an ideal opportunity to try it out.

  • Don’t forget the PostExhibition strategy

It’s good to have a lot of conversations about your business, but without follow-up, the first few conversations are pointless.

There are conversation strategies and data collection methods, but what are the follow-up strategies?

It’s a good idea to take the time to send an email to read the week after the show before calling.


In the end, there are various other ways to improve; we have provided some of them. We hope you can use these tips to get the most out of your future exhibitions. And as it’s mentioned, it’s necessary to hire Expo Stand Services as your exhibition stand builder for Eurosatory in Paris. We’re one of the leading exhibition booth builders in a Paris. We have been standing on it for years.

Tips to grab the attention of your Potential Clients at an Exhibition

Exhibition stand design

It’s difficult to create a creative and satisfying exhibition stand design, but do you know what’s more difficult?? To attract the footfalls at your stand, to gain the interest of your potential clients and other dominants of a particular industry.

The thing that plays an important role to attract visitors to your brand is the exhibition stall. To have a result-oriented stall you need to find the best exhibition stand builder such as Expo Stand Services.  Various other factors and tips can help to increase the footfall at your stand, are as follows:

  • Preparation

Make the maximum of your showcase by sending out invitations earlier, via social channels, and assure a talk with your most important prospects. Spreading the phrase and a touch little bit of self-advertising will stand you out in the crowd.

  • Create an Experience

Businesses are becoming an increasing number of innovations in terms of thoughts for exhibitions. Stay beforehand of the curve by developing an enjoyable experience so that it will draw visitors to your stand from throughout the hall. Hiring such things as virtual reality experiences can create this form of buzz.

  • Engage… Engage… Engage

Once you have attracted visitors to your exhibition stand design you need to interact with them’ engage them immediately…get them involved. You can use video games and competitions to get chatting with site visitors amusingly and casually.

Nowadays everyone loves a competition – why now no longer strive a wheel of fortune prize, it’s an engaging activity with the attendees. This is a great way to engage your client and start the conversation about your brand. You could provide large prizes with a mixture of small and medium prizes from branded promotional products for example branded notepads, chocolates, and greater. You can buy a bodily spinning prize wheel or you could additionally create a digital one!

  • Technological help

Using technology this is now very easy with a global exhibition stand builder like Expo Stand Services. Like you can set up huge LED monitors or maybe use rental booths or large iTab provider to reveal off your social pages, new promo motion pictures, and greater with excessive impact.

  • Create the correct Ambience

Planning your entire surroundings earlier will make your area stand out in the exhibition hall. Create an ambiance that genuinely displays your brand and different retail areas from exhibition carpet and furnishings to branded frames to complete your stand perfectly. You may also create an area to loosen up by constructing a living room vicinity entire with beanbags and gentle furnishings. To have more professional opinions about the design you can talk with our efficient exhibition stand designer with years of experience.

  • Offer Something a Little Different

Lots of manufacturers do giveaways to attract visitors over to their stand. Get innovative and think about something so that it will wonder visitors and get them to you. Just to let you know Expo Stand Services has expertise in making an exhibition stand focus point of the exhibition.

  • Create a Theme

If you need to attract the attention and get humans over your stand, say goodbye for your regular stand and set a theme that reflects your brand image. From synthetic grass and garden chairs to floral partitions or business décor, think out of the box for maximum impact.

And if don’t want to take this hassle of thinking and executing hire Expo Stand Services a leading exhibition booth builder in Germany. We have industry professionals with years of experience and creative minds who work with you to create the best exhibition stand design for you. All you need is to contact us.

  • Show Off Your Expertise

Try something new at your exhibition stand and choose something from amusing cardboard cut-outs to inspire social media snapshots and posts to a brand -new package deal of shell scheme images to create the final enjoy whilst your capacity customers step onto your stand. Try to display that shows your work and expertise.

The Out Stroke:

Have headache of thinking about how to do all these??? Then let professionals’ do their work… let Expo Stand Services build you the best exhibition stand design. As we are leading exhibition stand contractors in Germany serving across the globe.

Benefits that you can get from participating in a trade show

trade show booth design

Trade shows are held in all of the country’s major cities and cover every industry imaginable. An event that brings together industry professionals, enthusiasts, and the media in an environment that encourages business, education, and enjoyment. Attending a trade show of your industry can be extremely beneficial. Indeed, the potential gains are so vast that it would be a shame to miss out on them altogether.

A well-designed booth is essential for success at a trade show, and Expo Stand Services can assist. Your trade show goals, booth type, orientation, footprint, required features, and budget is all taken into account during trade show booth design, building, and installation. We also lend you our professionals to assure the success of the exhibit.

Attending a trade show is a financial investment. It’s all about balancing risk and return. Here are some of the top benefits of visiting trade shows to assist you in grasping the value:

  • Expanded Market

This very specific market is only interested in one thing: new products. They attend trade exhibits to learn about new brands, products, and lifestyle solutions. This is a fantastic opportunity to launch a major product that has just been developed.

  • Opportunity for a Giveaway

Giving away your product or products with your brand on them is a big selling approach. This is a popular strategy in the trade show sector since it gives buyers not just a new item, but also raises your company’s exposure among consumers.

  • Determine your target market

Trade shows attract a highly focused audience that is eager to learn more about your product. Thousands of potential clients gather in one area just to learn about your product, even though the event is only a few days longer.

  • Affordability

Trade shows are a cost-effective way to promote your brand and sell your product. Conventions provide simple, inexpensive ways to establish your brand in the market with a modest trade show booth, some technical equipment, and selling charm.

  • Promotions throughout the Year

A single meeting at a trade show could lead to year-round marketing for you and your client. Customer awareness is increased by personally handing out pamphlets, verbally describing the product, and offering promotional items. If you keep making promotional contacts and develop a customer relationship, this awareness could persist all year.

  • Direct Selling

The most common motivation for corporations to exhibit at trade shows is to sell their products directly to the public. It eliminates the complexities of selling over the internet or the phone and allows you to connect with both your product and your client to close the deal.

The Out stroke:

Now that you’ve learned about the advantages of attending trade shows, all that’s left is to maximize your return on investment – and that’s where Expo Stand Services comes in. We design the best trade show booth. Expo Stand Services offer a range of services with a proven track record of giving you a competitive advantage. Project managers, production, estimators, designers, and account executives make up our team.

As a trade show booth builder in USA, we serve a pleasurable experience that brings in new business, raises brand awareness, provides networking opportunities, and allows you to learn more about the industry you work in. Choose a trade show that corresponds to your product line and start preparing for success!

Why you should rent your next trade show booth?

Trade show booth design

Do you frequently attend trade shows or host trade shows? Do you want to stand out from the crowd at a trade show? Do you want to bring in a lot of new consumers but don’t want to spend the money on buying and maintaining your exhibits?

If that’s the case, then they’re no better option than trade show booth rental. Your trade show booth is critical to your success–and when it comes to trade shows, there is a lot of money to be made.

And the most effective way to do so is through your trade show exhibits. Whether you’re in the food, communications, medical, software, technology, pharmaceutical, or any other area, your display will play a role in your success or failure.

This article will give a better understanding and various reasons why renting a trade show booth is great option for you.

Saves your time

Unexpected trade shows can spring up on your radar at the last minute, especially if you travel out of state frequently, and when this happens, renting is a terrific choice. It will save you from a lot of frustrations, but most importantly, it will save you time, you’re most essential resource.

If you decide to trade show booth buying, you are automatically investing a significant amount of time in the trade show planning process which may lead to making a hole in your pocket.

Environmentally Friendly

By reusing your rentals, you’re assisting the surroundings by turning them into extra eco-friendly. The precept is simple: the extra you reuse, the less you throw out.

You additionally get to influence clean of any waste disposal control or recycling fees.

Useful for Unexpected Trade Shows

Unexpected opportunities can appear out of nowhere regularly. When these unforeseen moments arise, you must take advantage of them–which you may do by renting trade show booths.

  • Because calling, disclosing your requirements, and placing your order is a simple process.
  • The merchandise will then arrive at the predetermined place at the planned time, and you will be ready to go.

It’s budget-friendly

Trade show booth rental can save you a lot of money. You will save a lot of money in the long run because you won’t have to worry about the expenses that come with owning (storage space, regular upkeep, refurbishment, etc. You can entirely avoid all of the unanticipated costs.

  • When you own an exhibit, maintenance, storage fees, and other costs can quickly eat into your profit margin.
  • Renting is the better option for saving money (especially if you operate a small or startup business) because it allows you to produce tangible outcomes for your company at a fraction of the expense of owning.
  • This allows you to get all of the best features and other benefits without going over the budget you set aside for this purchase.

Low Barrier to Entry

Since renting a trade show booth design notably lowers the fees worried in collaborating in a trade show booth, the barrier to access is lowered. This makes it less complicated for startups and small corporations to get in at the action.

So if you’re corporation is in the ones preliminary degrees of having started, and also you don’t have to spend a lot to make investments at this point, then renting rather than purchasing may be a vastly cost-effective approach.

Especially in case, your enterprise is a startup, renting can regularly be the make-or-ruin element that determines whether or not or now no longer you’re capable of even attending the event.

  • Install and Dismantle Services

If you don’t realize what you’re doing, then putting in and dismantling a trade show booth may be a daunting endeavor, to place it lightly. That’s why renting–as soon as again–is the advanced option.

Set up and dismantling offerings are supplied by trade show booth contractors like Expo Stand Services so that you don’t must fear approximately it.

Are You Prepared to Rent Trade Show Exhibits?

Trade shows aren’t going away anytime soon, and they’ll continue to be a terrific way for businesses to raise brand awareness for the foreseeable future. This lucrative channel for business professionals is anticipated to skyrocket in the future years, even after Covid.

This means it’s to your best advantage to look into your trade show exhibit rental options to see how you and your company can benefit.

If you’re ready for trade show booth rental and looking for a trade show booth builder or contractor with the best design then Expo Stand Services is here for you; one of the best trade show booth design company UK.

What’re you waiting for grab your phone contact us and get the best trade show booth design to have a successful exhibit.